Great Miami River | Hamilton, OH

Hamilton is a city in and the county seat of Butler County, Ohio, United States, in the state’s southwestern corner.[7] The population was 62,447 at the 2010 census.[8] The city is part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area. Its neighborhood of Lindenwald, settled by German immigrants in the mid-19th century and later, is one of three designated National Historic Districts.

The industrial city is seeking to revitalize through the arts; it was officially declared the “City of Sculpture” in 2000.[9] Its initiative has attracted many sculpture installations to the city, which founded the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park.


The Great Miami River (also called the Miami River) (Shawnee: Msimiyamithiipi [2]) is a tributary of the Ohio River, approximately 160 miles (260 km) long,[3] in southwestern Ohio in the United States. The Great Miami flows through Dayton, Piqua, Troy, Hamilton, and Sidney.

The river is named for the Miami, an Algonquian-speaking Native American people who lived in the region during the early days of European settlement.[4] They were forced to relocate to the west to escape European-American settlement pressure.

The region surrounding the Great Miami River is known as the Miami Valley. This term is used in the upper portions of the valley as a moniker for the economic-cultural region centered primarily on the Greater Dayton area. As the lower portions of the Miami Valley fall under the influence of Cincinnati and the Ohio River Valley, residents of the lower area do not identify with the Miami in the same way.


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